Projects are initiated by the orphanage and supported by the generosity of friends, families and communities around the world.

Food Support

Funds for food are always needed.  Monthly food needs for the children include: 

1. Corn flour (2 bags x $75): $150
2. Cassava flour (1 bag and a half): $120
3. Rice (1 50 kg bag): $ 60
4. Semoule (special maize flour for porridge: 4 small bags) $ 80
5. Sugar (1 50 kg bag): $ 60
6. Beans (1 bag dry beans): $ 115
7. Canned fish (mackerels- 2 boxes) $ 60
8. Fish (salted – one carton): $ 70
9. Oil (palm – 25 liters): $ 30
10. Oil (refined vegetable- 25 liters): $ 35
11. Nutribons (special food for infants/malnourished): $ 30
12. Tomatoes (canned): $ 20
13. Milk (powdered): $ 50
14. Vegetables/fish/meat / per day: $ 18 X 30): $ 540

School Fees

As the children grow, they age out of the educational program at Centre Emmanuel and enroll in the village school.  Every child deserves access to quality education.  The fees for this school are around $100/year per child and includes a backpack and uniform.  The children are very proud to be able to learn, please consider supporting their efforts.

Drumming Lessons

Music is a ladder for the soul and the tradition of djembe drumming in DRC allows the children an opportunity to process feelings through rhythm and musical collaboration.  For about four years, Papa Alhim has visited the school and taught the children to drum on beautiful locally-made hand carved djembe drums.  The children even had an opportunity to share their music at a local festival.

Children's Classes

Every child is potentially the light of the world.  Papa Tresor visits the children regularly to teach them songs, prayers and english vocabulary.  English language is woven in to give the children an opportunity to use their minds in a completely new way.  The children cherish this time.

Junior Youth Group

This group for Junior youth allows them to explore virtues through storytelling, problem solving and community service.  The Junior Youth participate regularly in larger Jr. Youth gatherings in Kinshasa, collaborating with other groups doing similar learning.  Their teacher, Papa Martin, helps them progress educationally and spiritually.

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