Projects are initiated by the orphanage and supported by the generosity of friends, families and communities around the world.

Bakery : June 2018

A small village bakery has been completed in the commune of Mont Ngafula, Kinshasa.  As you can imagine, a sustainable project such as this is immensely valuable not only to the village it serves, but also as a source of food for the children, a means of income to purchase necessary vegetables and medicine as well as a skills training opportunity for the older children.

The first test bread was on June 10, 2018 followed by the inauguration later that month.

This project has been struggling due to poverty in that area and a struggle to find a trustworthy supervisor in light of this.  We continue to press on, and the bakery has been valuable in providing bread to the children of CE in the meantime.

Christmas : 2018

The children love celebrations, a special time to have extra food and rare treats!  The children enjoyed a special meal with their favorite beignets (donuts) with special drinks.

Tables : June 2017

Growing children required new, larger tables for eating and learning!  These tables were made locally and should last for many years.

Mattresses : May 2017

2-3 children generally share a bunk, so replacing the children's mattresses became a priority. The new mattresses were purchased and replaced in May 2017.

Kitchen and Dining Area Project : June 2015

Kinshasa has a very hot season and a very rainy season.  Prior to June 2015 the grounds of Centre Emmanuel included three buildings: the girls dorm and infant room, the boys dorm and office and a simple lean-to shelter with a concrete floor which was used as the general area for school, eating and all other activities.

All cooking, cleaning, educational efforts and dining happened outdoors.  It became clear that exposure to the elements was difficult not only for the children but also for the "mamas" (nannies) caring for them.

A kitchen / dining area was built where the mamas could prepare food out of the elements and the children could eat.  A quote of $4100 was offered for the project, with a breakdown of costs literally brick-by-brick. The total cost totaled approximately $5000.  This project was funded by the generosity of a few families.   

The kitchen and dining area is now used as a school building, often for drumming in the case of rain, for eating, gathering, celebrations, and cooking.

Wall Project : July 2013

From its inauguration, Centre Emmanuel was exposed on two sides to the surrounding village.  Unfortunately, there was regular theft and security issues for the children.  In June 2013, $4,655 was raised by nearly 100 individuals for the purpose of completing the wall surrounding the Orphanage and removing the garbage within the compound.  This wall ensured greater protection of the children and created a safer, more beautiful environment for all.


Following the completion of the construction, several local artists were hired to add color and life to the wall through murals of animals, automobiles and Congolese figures.

Annual Fundraiser

We host an annual fundraiser for Centre Emmanuel.  At these joyous events a variety of needs are presented and often funded... past projects have included things like: 

Construction of an additional toilet and wall 

Leveling of terrain within the CE grounds for safety reasons

Installation of a metal door for security 

Basic electrical installation 

Re-painting of the existing structures and wall 

Food supply

45 small plastic chairs for the children

Mural updating on the wall

Wooden tables


Special Events: Ongoing

The children love celebrations, a special time to have extra food and rare treats!  We sponsor special events to commemorate celebrations, holy days, and other fun activities throughout the year.  Generally the day will include chicken, donga donga (okra) with rice and spaghetti and drinks.  We also like to include enough for another day of chicken as well as the necessary firewood and accessories.  A special occasion meal costs about $65.

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